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  • THE FESTIVAL OF MALAGA, organized by the city of Malaga and supported by producers and creators (FAPAE), government institutions (ICEX, ICAA and EXTENDA) and large TV (Antena 3, Canal + and Canal Sur), took place from the17th to the 25th of March 2006. The Festival aimed at the dissemination and promotion of Spanish film and documentary film production and / or Spanish or Latin American topics, hosting the meeting in their various professional sectors and enhancing business development.

    In order to support the distribution and dissemination of Spanish audiovisual production internationally, the Festival created four international markets (Market Screenings Mercadoc TV Market and Art TV) grouped under the name MALAGA MARKETS.

Maketscreens ArtTV ArtTV ArtTV

Sixth Edition
Feature Film Spanish Market
NH Malaga, 23rd, 24th and 25th of March 2006
Dedicated to films of Spanish nationality, including those produced in co-production.
MARKET SCREENINGS presented OFFICIAL feature films participants of the 9th edition of the Festival de Málaga, as well as programmed in ZONAZINE, plus an extensive selection of the latest Spanish films, particularly productions completed in 2006. Most of them were worldwide releases. Premiered were approximately 30 new films in addition to those available in the video library for individual viewing.
MARKET SCREENINGS was organized by the Málaga City Council, ICEX and FAPAE and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga, Canal Sur, Unicaja and Egeda.

Second edition Visual art market NH Malaga, 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March 2006 ART TV is geared at fomenting a process of discussion, exhibition and dissemination of the market created as a result of the development of optical fiber and digital technology: the Internet, mobile telephony, multiplatform games and virtual museums.

Sixth Edition European and Latin American documentary Market NH Malaga, 26, 27, 28 and April 29, 2006 Specialized market dedicated to European and Latin-American documentaries. MERCADOC presents Spanish, Portuguese or Latin-American documentary programs, of any length, genre and theme as well as documentaries from any other country –especially European– as long as their themes are related to Spain, Latin-America, Portugal or the Hispanic community in the United States. MERCADOC is organised by the Malaga City Council, ICEX, Andalusia’s Regional Government, EXTENDA and FAPAE and is sponsored by the European Union MEDIA Program, the Malaga Chamber of Commerce, Canal Sur, Unicaja and EGEDA, with the collaboration of EDN.

Second edition Market Spanish fiction and animation for TV NH Malaga, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2006 TV MARKET’s basic objective is to promote and support the marketing of Spanish fiction and animated audiovisual products intended for television, including series, miniseries, TV movies, soap operas, cartoons, formats, etc. TV MARKET seeks to be an exclusive market in which Spanish audiovisual companies can meet with Europe’s main television channels. TV MARKET is organised by the Malaga City Council, ICEX and FAPAE and is sponsored by Canal Sur, Unicaja and EGEDA.

Malaga Screenings: Sellers: 42 companies. - Buyers: 50 companies from 26 countries.

  Mercadoc: 420 participants. - Buyers: 94 companies from 28 countries. Malaga Screenings: Sellers: 12 companies. - Buyers: 36 companies from 23 countries.