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Global Stone Films S.L. Spanish is a production company based in Madrid, registered in the ICAA, associated with AMA (Association of Madrid Audiovisual) and FAPAE (Federation of Spanish Audiovisual Producers).
Cesar Romero is the majority owner and founder of Global Stone Films, and so they are inexorably bound together.
 Cesar Romero is an academic who specialised in Producter at the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain. (Academia de Cine) (Film Academy)




He studied law at the Autonomous University of Madrid Faculty until 1990, when he decided to begin the uncertain journey as film director on the television series "Requiem for Granada”, a huge production of the time. During his first professional work he  focused on the direction department, working with directors like Pilar Miró (The Bird of Happiness), Fernando Colomo (Rosa, Rosae), Manolo Iborra (Orquesta Club Virginia), Imanol Uribe (Days counted), José Luis García Sánchez (Tramway to Malvarrosa), Betty Kaplan (Dona Barbara) and Ángel Fernández Santos (Do it for me). Simultaneously he began to work in advertising as a production manager and assistant director, occasionally as both.

In 2000 he directed and produced for Canal Plus "The Space Gang" series designed for Internet first on the Spanish, used by PLUS.ES for the launch of their website
In 2001 he met Victor Erice and since then has executive produced all his projects: "Lifeline" (within the collective feature film "Ten minutes older"), "La Morte Rouge" and all audiovisual content "Correspondance: Erice-Kiarostami "," Ana, three minutes "(within the collective film" 3:11 A sense of home ") and in 2012" Vidros partidos "(in the collective film" Historical Center "presented last November at the film Festival Rome).

In this past decade he has been line producer in the advertising production company Strange Fruit (2002-2004) and later in the films "Dead Birds," directed by Guillermo and Jorge Sempere, and "Plans for Tomorrow" Juana Macías; and in the television series "Men Hunters" and "Divines". He also founded his own production company Global Stone Films, which co-produced the film "Rest Area" (in which he was also the executive producer) and opened horizons coordinating Argencine-Madricine film festivals both in Buenos Aires and Madrid from 2005 to the present .





Note: If searching for information on me on IMDB I am under three names, Cesar Romero III, Cesar Romero IV and Cesar Romero VII, all works are mine except "El Chavo del Ocho" and "the 24 hour woman.


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Born in Sorzano (Logroño), in 1938. Law degree from the University of Zaragoza. He belongs to the Senior Civil State, opposition, since 1964.

He has dedicated more than fifty years to film activities, of which more than twenty, have focused on advocacy and international relations.

In 1964 he began his collaboration with the Valladolid Film Festival (Seminci), of which he was director for the editions of 1974, 1975 and 1978.

In 1978 he was appointed Deputy Director General of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of the Ministry of Culture, a post he held until 2000.

During these years he also carried out the coordination of the presence of Spanish cinema abroad through organizing film weeks and samples and participation in major international festivals and markets.

In 1998 he was awarded the "Golden Camera" at the Berlin Festival, the only Spaniard to have received this distinction, awarded to, among others, directors such as Steven Spielberg and actresses like Jean Moreau and Meryl Streep.

Since 2001 he has collaborated with the Malaga Film Festival as Director since its twelfth edition in 2009 to the 2012 edition. Currently he is an advisor to the festival and direción board member.

Parallel to this Festival, in 2001, he created Malaga markets Screenings, Feature Film Market and Latin American Spanish, and Mercadoc Documentary Market and Latin American Spanish.
Also in 2004, he created TVMarket, Market Spanish fiction and animation for TV. He was Juror at numerous awards and national and international festivals.







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