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GLOBALSTONE FILMS is responsible for the production and coordination of the festivals which bring together the Spanish cinematography and Argentina: ARGENCINE-MADRIDCINE. An international meeting in which a delegation of representatives of the film industry in each country meets alternatively each year in Madrid or Buenos Aires. It is a sampling Release of the 7 most important films of the previous year, a sample tribute to actors of both countries, who performed on both sides, to historical co-productions or recent documentary productions.

It also presents each year a section dedicated to the best short films of the ENERC and the Community of Madrid.
Organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts Argentina (INCAA) and the Council of Culture of the Community of Madrid. Global Stone Films is the producer who has worked as liasion between the two institutions and developed the production of the event, both in Buenos Aires and Madrid, in all editions.

Since 2005 César Romero (Director General GLOBAL STONE FILMS) is the external producer and general coordinator of the film festivals ARGENCINE-MADRIDCINE. In 2011 it was held in Madrid. ARGENCINE  2011. The last edition was in July 2012 when it was held in Buenos Aires. MADRIDCINE 2012.

Between the 3rd and 10th of October 2013 is scheduled to be held the ninth edition, ARGENCINE 2013 in Madrid, it being the first edition in which  INCAA is the sole producer of the event, with Global Stone Films as the only representative of Argencine in Spain.




In December 2006 Global Stone Films developed, with the help of the Council of Culture and Sports of the Community of Madrid, Cinedeporte 2006, a film festival dedicated to international sports, developed between the15th and 22nd of December at the Palafox cinema, Madrid. Round table talks took place with prominent guests from the world of sport, which argued the relative topics of each of the films.

Among the guests were Ángel Nieto, Enrique Cerezo, Pepu Hernandez, Siro López, Javier Castillejo, Chema Martinez Valentin Requena and others.



In 2006 Global Stone Films began collaboration with the Malaga Film Festival as a producer responsible for the overall coordination of the Malaga Markets (Mercadoc, a market for documentaries Hispanic language Tv Market, a market television series, TV movies and documentaries Speech Hispanic, and market Screenings, an exclusive market for Spanish cinema).

This event has been developing, annually, within the heart of the Málaga Spanish Film Festival, meeting buyers, distributors and makers of television (from 25 to 30 countries) with sellers of all kinds of productions of the Spanish and Latin American audiovisual industry in an unprecedented market in this country.

The last edition took place in October 2009 in Malaga.