Produced by Nautilus Films S.L.
Director & Producer:   Victor Erice
Executive Producer: César Romero
Delegate Producer: Jordi Balló
DOP: Valentín Álvarez
Editor: Juan Pedro Díez
Sound: Polo Aledo

Arvo Part
Frederic Monrrpou

Post production: Doce Gatos
Documentary Stills: Víctor Erice
Original Format: 1.33:1
Duration: 32 minutos


Encountering the ghosts

La Morte Rouge is an attempt to relate some details of the first cinematic experience of a child. Given the constraints specific to the environment where, for the first time it is to be made known publicly, a museum, and to the extent that it falls outside the conventional margins of fiction, such an attempt has, in its brevity, one inevitability of outline, it is more or less condemned, by its nature, to fail in recovering documentary facts.

It is rightly so. Because here you attempt anything other than the registration of events, such as modern drive converted by the use and abuse of new technologies, the human experience on file. It is, rather, to make this somewhat reminiscent primary failure, able to reveal what might be behind those holes that the action of time is opening both personal memory in the records of history. In short, bring out the dark side of what is sold to us as reality, or what is the same, to show the other scene.

As the Inspector of Souls, Sigmund Freud said, nothing is forgotten altogether. And only from that form of memory can be given veiled new light on the past. Hence the contradiction contained in the text, one that embodies the voice of the narrator in La Morte Rouge, which is linked to the images or the flies according to the time, fluctuating between first and third person. Inevitable coming and going in this trance realizes the inconsistency of the subject. But who is the one who remembers?
Victor Erice January, 2006