Produced by: Nautilus Films S.L.
Ruedo Producciones


Original film title:   Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet
Short film title: Victor Erice Alumbramiento :"Lifeline"
Director:   Víctor Erice
Writer: Víctor Erice
DOP: Ángel Luis Fernández
Assistant Director: César Romero
Art Director: Javier Mampaso
Wardrobe: Helena Sanchís
Sound Director: Ivásn Marín
Editor: Julia Juaniz
Production Manager: Alejandro Martín
Screenwriter colaboration: Xavier Bermudez
Casting: Roberto Trujillo
Xavier Bermudez


Traditional Asturian Song "Agora Non"

Performed by Marta Elena Elola.


Young mother: Ana Sofía Liaño
Newborn: Pelayo Suárez
Midwife: Celia Poo
Indian father: José Antonio Amieva
Patriarch: Fernando García Toriello
Child in attic Omar Blanco


In the darkness, with the sounds of the countryside on a summer evening, you hear the cry of a newborn. After the bustle of the delivery, the young mother and her son sleep. Suddenly, a drop of blood drips from the baby’s diapers: no one else sees this. Locals continue their work or their games and nature takes its blind indifferent course locked in a candle lit attic in twilight, sits a lonely boy. To pass the time, on the wrist of his left hand he draws the face of a clock. When he finishes drawing the numbers and hands, he holds it to his ear, as if sensing the heartbeat of the world around him.
Cronos, with his eye alert, counts on life, but life escapes. The baby's blood is like a rose opening endless. The child in the attic rubs the drawing off his wrist. A lullaby floats on the air: "Not now, my child, not now!"
The echo of history-the photo of the Third Reich soldiers victory smiles in the pages of a discarded newspaper- is fading. Before darkness falls we perceive a date: Friday, June 28, 1940